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Contractors Insurance

For contractors, having quality insurance is very important. Not only does it help to protect your financial interests, but it can also give your customers and clients the confidence necessary to work with your business. At LoCastro Bonini Insurance, you'll get outstanding insurance solutions for all aspects of contractor's needs.

General Liability

One of the biggest risks for any business is liability. If you or your employee makes a mistake on the job or does not provide the highest quality of workmanship, even in an accidental situation, your business could be held liable. General liability insurance may help to minimize many of these risks, including risks associated with your workmanship, injuries, and accidents on the job or as a result of the work you do.

Income Protection

Income protection is another type of protection that many contractors in Pennsylvania need. Since contractors often face changes in their business levels, income protection may be an important tool. Income protection may help to keep your business afloat when there are risks to it. Income protection may help to provide financial protection to a business owner if he or she is unable to work.

Property Coverage

Property coverage is also important. For contractors that operate within a building, property insurance may help to minimize the risks to that building. However, this type of coverage may extend further. It may provide some financial protection against loss to equipment, inventory, and other assets owned by the business.

Commercial Vehicle

Contractors insurance in Pennsylvania often also includes commercial vehicle coverage. This may provide protection from losses as the result of accidents. Commercial vehicle insurance is also important when it comes to protecting equipment and employees who are operating the vehicle. Whether the contractor owns one vehicle or a fleet of them, commercial insurance is often a requirement to operate on the job.

Workers' Compensation

For any contractor that operates with employees, it may be also be required to maintain workers' compensation. This type of coverage provides protection to employees who are hurt on the job and helps minimize the financial risks to a business as the result of employees hurt on the job.

For those contractors in Pennsylvania commercial insurance is available from our reliable agents. Contact LoCastro Bonini Insurance today to discuss the options available to you that fit your business's unique needs. A customized policy can help to minimize risks to your business and keep you on the job.