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About Us

Since 1984, LoCastro Bonini Insurance Agency has been serving Northwestern Pennsylvania as the best place to shop for all of your insurance needs.

Located in Erie, PA, on the corner of West Grandview Peach Street, LoCastro Bonini Insurance Agency is an independent agent—and this means savings for you! By representing many companies, LoCastro Bonini Insurance Agency shops the insurance market for you to find the best price and coverage for your individual needs. and

Whether it's commercial, personal auto, homeowners, renters, motorcycle, ATV, jet ski, boat, or life and health, you can be assured LoCastro Bonini has got you covered!

Compare Insurance Quotes with LoCastro Bonini Insurance

When it comes to purchasing Pennsylvania home and auto insurance, there's no better place to turn than the reliable agents at LoCastro Bonini Insurance. Our agents can help you to get the lowest prices available for any insurance plan you need. Because we are an independent agency, we don't represent just one insurance carrier. This means we can help you to locate the most affordable rates for the coverage levels you need form multiple agents. So for your auto or homeowner insurance needs, call us today.

Protect Your Assets With Us

You'll find a wide range of home and auto insurance plans available to you with us. Insurance for your home and vehicle needs to provide coverage for those risks you have. For example, you likely need auto insurance that meets the state's requirements for you to drive, which often includes liability insurance. However, liability coverage doesn't protect your vehicle's value in cases of accidents or other covered incidents. That's why you likely also need comprehensive coverage for property damage.

For homeowners insurance, most property owners need liability insurance to protect against loss if someone sues you due to an accident occurring on your property. In addition, you need homeowner insurance to cover you from risks associated with property loss, such as vandalism, theft, and even floods. We also can help you with renter's insurance and mobile home insurance. We also write dwelling fire policies for landlords.

To get the best Pennsylvania home and auto insurance, use our online comparative analysis tool. This tool allows you to compare multiple policy options from various carriers. You'll get quotes online within a few minutes. You can also call on our trusted agents at LoCastro Bonini Insurance and we'll help you to find the most affordable plan for your specific needs. You can save money while having that gives you peace of mind. Call us today for a quote.